Business Visa Assistance for Mokhtar Group Clients

Unveiling a Path to Your U.S. Business Dream

Our dedicated Business Visa Assistance service, an exclusive offering tailored for valued clients of Mokhtar Group and its divisions or sister companies. As a trusted partner in your business journey, we recognize the importance of navigating the complexities of business visas for our international clients.


A Seamless Process

Our goal is to make your visa application process as effortless as possible. We handle the intricacies, allowing you to focus on what matters most – growing your business. With our support, you can expect a streamlined process, minimizing delays and maximizing your chances of a successful application.

If you’re a business owner in contract with Mokhtar Group or its affiliated companies and have been with us for over a year, you’re already eligible for this exclusive service. To begin your visa application journey, simply reach out to your Mokhtar Group representative, and we will guide you through the next steps.

Exclusively for Our Committed Clients

This service is specially designed as a complementary offering for business owners who have been in contract with Mokhtar Group, or any of its divisions or sister companies, for at least one year. Our commitment extends beyond business formation, ensuring that your transition into the U.S. market is as smooth as possible.

Tailored Legal Connections

Understanding that each business and individual has unique needs, we connect you with a diverse pool of experienced immigration lawyers. Based on your specific criteria and requirements, we facilitate introductions to legal professionals who specialize in business visas, ensuring you receive expert guidance suited to your situation.

Comprehensive Paperwork Support

Navigating the labyrinth of visa applications and paperwork can be daunting. Our paralegal partners are here to assist you every step of the way. From filling out forms to organizing documents, we ensure that your application process is hassle-free, accurate, and complete.

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