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Business Formation & Registration

This service includes assistance with selecting the appropriate business entity (like LLC, C-Corp, or S-Corp), completing and filing necessary incorporation documents, and obtaining a registered agent in the United States.

Tax Consultation & Compliance

They offer guidance on federal and state tax obligations, help with obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS, and advice on tax-efficient business structures. This service ensures that the business complies with US tax laws and regulations.

Banking & Financial Services

Assistance in setting up a US-based business bank account, which can be challenging for non-residents. This might also include guidance on financial planning, access to credit facilities, and other banking services crucial for business operations.

Legal & Regulatory Advisory

Providing legal guidance on US corporate laws, including intellectual property rights, employment laws, contracts, and regulatory compliance. This service helps in navigating the complex legal landscape of the US and ensures the business operates within legal boundaries.

Name Availability Check

Ensure your desired corporate name is available with our comprehensive name availability search, a critical first step in establishing your business identity.

Streamlined Company Registration

Benefit from our expert handling of incorporation document preparation and filing, ensuring a smooth and compliant registration process.

Registered Agent Service

Get one year of reliable registered agent services, essential for maintaining compliance and managing official correspondence.

Board Appointment Assistance

Utilize our free action of the sole incorporator service to seamlessly appoint your board of directors or members.

State Publishing Guidelines

Receive free publishing instructions if required by the state, simplifying this mandatory step in the incorporation process.

24/7 Document Access

Enjoy free, round-the-clock online access to your filed documents, ensuring you have vital information at your fingertips whenever needed.

Organizational Resolutions Kit

Access a complete online package of organizational resolutions for free, providing essential templates and guidance for corporate decision-making.

Comprehensive Support

Experience our unwavering commitment to support, providing you with the necessary guidance and assistance throughout your business formation journey.

Apostille Certification Service

Obtain necessary apostille certifications with ease, a crucial step for international businesses to validate documents for global use.

Non-resident EIN Assistance

Secure your Employer Identification Number effortlessly, even as a non-resident, streamlining your tax and legal processes in the U.S.

Fast-Track Filing Option

Opt for our expedited service to accelerate your business formation process, ensuring a quicker entry into the market.

Global Document Delivery

Receive your important documents anywhere in the world with our international delivery service, using reliable carriers like FedEx.

Incumbency Certificate Provision

Get a Certificate of Incumbency, which confirms your company's current officers and directors, an essential document for many business transactions.

Customized Governance Documents

Tailor your bylaws or operating agreement to fit your company's unique needs, ensuring a solid foundation for your corporate governance.

U.S. Mailing Address Setup

Establish a U.S. mailing address for your business, enhancing your company's presence and facilitating smoother communication.

Trade Name Registration

Explore the option to add a Trade Name (DBA) service after your business formation, allowing you to operate under an alternate name.

Tax Compliance Consulting

Navigate U.S. tax laws with our expert consulting services, ensuring your business stays compliant and tax-efficient.

Legal Advisory Access

Gain access to professional legal advice tailored to your business, helping you navigate the complexities of U.S. corporate law.

Market Entry Strategy

Leverage our expertise to develop a comprehensive market entry strategy, ensuring a successful launch in the U.S. market.

Intellectual Property Guidance

Protect your intellectual property with our specialized guidance, a crucial aspect of safeguarding your business assets.

Continuous Compliance Monitoring

Stay ahead with our continuous compliance monitoring services, ensuring your business adheres to evolving regulations and requirements.

US Phone Number Setup

Establish a dedicated U.S. phone number for your business, providing a professional point of contact for your American clients and partners.

Call Scanning Services

Benefit from our call scanning services, ensuring that every call is efficiently managed and directed to the appropriate department or individual.

Upgraded Call Center Support

Enhance your customer engagement with our upgraded call center support, offering superior service and responsiveness to your clients' inquiries and needs.

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